Dear DRDO Residents

Join us and wish Lord Krishna a Happy Birthday. This is the sixth time consecutively, we are organizing this function in the township. We are a team of DRDO employees (Scientists, Technical officers, Service Personnel and others) who have formed a team called "UTSAHA".


India is known for her Spiritual heritage and Culture. Through time immemorial, the Vedic Wisdom and Culture has been a beacon for the mankind to lead a meaningful and purposeful life. It is universal, non-sectarian and has withstood the test of time. It has been a source of inspiration for several great men worldwide.

In the present context of globalization and western influence, it has become necessary to scientifically and systematically propagate this ancient knowledge especially among younger generation so that they are not misled into bad habits and failure.


We have been organizing various programs for professionals, families and youth such as weekly Bhagavad-gita and meditation classes, seminars/workshops for personal training and development, Character building, celebrations of cultural festivals etc. Our programs are becoming popular because it is genuine without any commercial intent. The purpose is to inculcate a sense of higher spiritual values in the society at large and DRDO township in particular. Since DRDO is a Scientific organization, there is a need to synergize the Indian Spiritual Wisdom with Material education so that there is a balance and harmony in the lives of people. That is the motto of "UTSAHA".

Kindly participate in the function with your friends, family and relatives and make this function a grand success. Enjoy a new experience filled with bliss and fun.